Wivenhoe Bookshop. The next Philosophy Breakfast will, once again, be an online affair. Please see here. (EDIT: I will be revising that page shortly!)

     Ipswich Institute. The autumn philosophy reading groups will be online. The first starts on Thursday October 8th 2020. Details of that five week course are here. Details of the second five-week course – which is the current course, the part on Kierkegaard – are here. Those links are to the Ipswich Institute website and booking and payment is via the Institute. One can pay in various ways but I would prefer it if you paid (the Institute) by cash or cheque. Note that, contrary to what the Institute website gives one to understand, one can post cheques to the Institute.

     University of the Third Age, at Chelmsford. The course for this group is running online. Please contact me for details.

     Philosophy For the Home-Educated, at Firstsite, Colchester: course postponed, due to the Coronavirus.

     Tutoring. I do private tutoring. However, I do not help with assessed essays (for, under most circumstances, that would be cheating). Nor will I help with plans for assessed essays (for that too could be cheating).

     Past teaching. I have run philosophy courses at two Colchester venues (namely, the lovely Red Lion Books and at The Minories). In 2017 and 2018 I taught at Learning for Pleasure, Brentwood. I have worked with various tutoring agencies. I have taught at the Universities of Essex, Hertfordshire and Central Lancashire and at the Open University.


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