Philosophy Breakfast Goes Online!

     The current Philosophy Breakfast is about ‘Thought Experiments’ and is an online affair. If and when circumstances allow, we will revert to meeting at Wivenhoe Bookshop.

     How does it work? We are using the software package called Zoom. I have my qualms about it, but the first time we used it, it worked well and I do have various security options enabled.

     When? Each session will start at 10am and and end at 11:30. As usual for the Philosophy Breakfasts, the course divides into two blocks of five weeks, with a week’s break in the middle. Here are the dates of the first five sessions: April 25th (session #1); May 2nd (#2); May 9th (#3); May 16th (#4); May 23rd (#5). Here are the dates of the second group of five sessions: 6th June (session #6 / #1); 13th June (#7 / #2); 20th June (#8 / #3); 27th June (#9 / #4); 4th July (#10 / #5).

     Cost. The cost for the first part – the first five sessions – is £33 per person. The cost for the second part – the second five sessions – is £35 per person.

     Breakfast. Obviously, there will be no actual breakfast provided! If people provide their own, then, in a fashion, we can still breakfast together (and have some general chitchat before we get started.

      To enrol, please contact me using this simple form (or use any e-mail address you have for me). To pay, please telephone Wivenhoe Bookshop on 01206 824050 (Tuesdays to Fridays, 11am to 4pm).

     The syllabus is here (as a PDF file).